hello and welcome to armadillon't! this is a site made to hold and distribute hexes I've made for Petz 4 but may expand into other game modding in the future. :)

2/4/2022 - yeesh. i should do more stuff on here. minor improvements have been made to existing breedfiles; a couple of the aisha textures got fixed up and everything has a proper adoption center picture now

10/17/2021 - moved all downloads to google drive-not sure why i didn't do this before. if there ever ends up being a problem just contact me on twitter or tumblr (its3oe on both, also have armadillont as a sideblog on tumblr)

07/2/2021 - almost been a year since i started up the site! surprise .pet over at resources

10/16/2020 - it's been a while... i made harlequin norns as a breedfile over at resources

07/05/2020 - Parade breedfile added to resources

07/04/2020 - site created! yahoo! + Aisha breedfile added to resources