Here are downloads for breedfiles/textures/whatever else I might have made! Feel free to edit/redistribute these any way you like as long as you give some indication that I provided the base files :)

first's aisha from neopets with a ton of possible texture variants based on the official neopets colors! file that comes with .cat, foldered textures to remove clutter, and a little readme just in case! based on the russian blue breedfile, get youres today here...

this is Parade! the idea behind it is that it's kind of a hivemind type deal, being that there is only one Parade, but many instances of it exist and it chooses to move around in games of its own volition (or really just your download) and hang out with you and your other petz. based on the scottie breedfile, you can download the Parade breedfile here!

a Harlequin Norn from the creatures series-there are no variations or anything like that. you're just getting a norn! based on the daschund file, get it hot off the presses right here